Michael (spudpuppy) wrote,


Overslept a little this morning. Luckily, Lynn had to go to the bathroom and woke up early and noticed the place was still dark. He poked his head in my room and found me still in bed.

I was able to scurry around and get out the door in time to make it in by 8:10. A little late, but since I'm salaried, I do have some latitude.


Non-meat eaters should ignore this part.

Went to the company dinner, Saturday night. Kansas City does have a few really good steak houses. After all, this used to be one of the major beef distribution centers in the country. So we should know about cookin' meat. If you go in and order a steak, most of the time, it is extremely good. But, when you go to a banquet at one of these places, the food always comes out less than expected.

Saturday night was no different. The Golden Ox is one of those fine beef restaurants. It's located where the old stock yards used to be. It's been in the KC Stock Exchange building for 60 years. And has a reputation for being extremely good. But this was a banquet setting. Everyone got to "pre-order" how they wanted their meat cooked. However, once we got in the room, they only asked whether we had steak or chicken. Everything was precooked, and you got what you got.

I like my steak on the rare side of medium rare, so it didn't bother me, that they came out bloody, but I'm sure some people in the room were getting bit queasy. My biggest complaint was the fact the meat had almost no flavor and was so tough, I wasn't sure I was going to chew it.

Done with the meat.

It was somewhat ironic. This dinner was to celebrate our wonderful safety record. But they did have to announce, while they were congratulating everyone, that there was an accident 5 days before the dinner. An operator got sprayed with a corrosive material and got some burns on his face and neck. First recordable accident in 2 1/2 years.

After the dinner, I met Lynn and we went to get coffee. He hadn't eaten, so we ran into Applebee's for appetizers. He said that would get him by until we got home, and I could eat a little, since I wasn't hungry after just leaving a dinner. He'd grab something else after we got home. Turns out the onion skins and mozzarella sticks were enough to fill him up, after all.

And I don't know if it was the nice weather or what, but Saturday night was FILLED with eye candy. They were everywhere we went and everywhere you looked. Cute boys to fantasize about.


Sunday was the standard lunch at mom's. We were late getting there as usual, since we'd been up until 5:30 learning how to edit and render video. Actually doing to trims and rearranging clips.

Pretty much the same boring weekends that I have all the time.
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