Michael (spudpuppy) wrote,

Ok, it's been a while since I did much on here. I'm like four pages behind on friends' entries. I may never catch on what's going on in everyone's lives.

Let's see. I was out of town on business, last week. Yeah, that was last week. In Philadelphia for a few a days. Mixed reviews. Part of the trip was a success, part of it not so good.

Weekend was filled with catch up errands. Unfortunately, I'm still behind.

Lynn set up my new monitor while I was out of town. I bought it back at Thanksgiving, and it's been sitting in the box. I must say, it definitely frees up desk space, but I'll have to get used to the difference in lighting, versus the old CRT.

I had another audit, yesterday. I really hate being caught in the middle between a management group that wants to do the VERY LEAST they can, but I'm supposed to convey to the auditor, how much we value quality. And what a wonderful job everyone is doing in support of the system.

So, we had a different guy this time. An interesting individual. At first I thought he was family. Looks to have lived a very "easy" life. He was probably mid to late 40's, but no apparent lines or wrinkles. The only real indication was the completely gray hair. Very nicely styled, of course. The other thing was how soft and smooth his hands were. He must soak them in body lotion, every night. He also had that little hint of a lilt in his voice.

Later, at lunch, he started talking about all of his girlfriends. All their tats and who knew who. He told us about one, who worked for Marilyn Manson, who ended up introducing him to Brian Warner, the lead singer.

Anyway, we passed again. Everyone is going around congratulating me today for doing such a good job with the auditor. I'm just not thrilled with being known as a great bullshitter.

We did get a surprise of sorts, on Monday. One of the Executive VP's, who's like number 2 in the company, announced he's retiring at the end of February. I figured he'd be looking to be pres, but I guess not. Not that his leaving hurts my feelings.......

Oh well, back to work.
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