Michael (spudpuppy) wrote,

Well, I tried updating, but there was an error, so I'll have to retype.

Made it to Philly without any real problems. It was snowing and cold when we left KC and cold when we got to Philly. Made a stop by the corporate offices to set up for tomorrow's meeting.

One of the attendees came down for a preview. He seemed impressed, so maybe tomorrow will go smoothly. I hope.

I had to bail on my traveling partners for dinner. Between the cold and the flight, I got one of my migraine type sinus headaches. When we got to the hotel, I took some drugs and napped for a couple of hours. It's lessened considerably, but still there.

I'll be heading to bed soon, so I'll take some more drugs and hope it's gone by morning.

I brought the webcam with me, and I have high speed access from the hotel room. I've already been told I should play online, but I don't know if I'll have time or not. We already have a big dinner scheduled for tomorrow night.

And since I'm not driving, I can't go out and see what's available. Who knows, maybe I'll find a really cute guy in the bathroom at the hotel who wants to come up to my room for a quicky.

Oh well, about it for now. I'm sure there was something else I wrote in the first entry, but can't remember it now.
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