Michael (spudpuppy) wrote,

I'll be heading out tomorrow morning for Philadelphia. I'm going with three others from the plant, to attempt to convince people at the corporate office, out idea is better than theirs. Not a good situation, since they are very defensive and protective of their systems.

What can I say, change is difficult. This company was started in a garage in downtown Philadelphia, in 1834. Even though it's grown in the last 169 years, in many ways, it still operates in the exact same way.

I'll be taking the laptop along, but it's hard to say if I'll be online much. Who knows what the others have planned. I know we have at least one "big" dinner planned with corporate attendees. And since we are all going together and only renting one car, I will be somewhat at their mercy. (In other words, no cruising the neighborhoods for anything I can find.)

Actually, for the last few weeks, I haven't spent a tremendous amount of time, online, anyway. I do get around to reading my friends page, but it's not uncommon to be a day or two behind. (Sorry I missed the quiz, branman1975. I think I could have gotten at least half right.)

I'm tired at work. Yeah, I know, what else is new. Part of that was stupidity. Staying up until almost 1:00 this morning on ICUII. I really should know better. And the bad part, I wasn't even fooling around. I was really just chatting. Ok, I admit it, I was naked, but the camera wasn't pointed that low.

Our next audit is scheduled for a week from today. Of course, everyone is suddenly scrambling to do all the stuff they should have been doing all along. Everyone keeps coming to me asking how soon they need to get stuff to me, so it's all updated. Hello!! I'm leaving town tomorrow. I won't be back until Monday. The audit is on Tuesday. Maybe you should have thought about it, oh say 3 months ago, before the audit was originally scheduled. Yes, we had a 3 month delay and they're still waiting until the week before to do their stuff.
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