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I just don't know why I let these people get to me. I know when I walk into the meeting, there's no commitment by upper management to these programs. That's it's all just talk and fluff to make them appear to care. But I just can't help it.

The bullshit starts spewing out of their mouths and my blood just boils. I just want to jump up and scream, "CUT THE FUCKING BULLSHIT AND TELL THE TRUTH!!!" "YOU DON'T GIVE A FLYING FUCK ABOUT THIS!!!!"

But, of course, it's not politically correct to say such things to your boss, and his boss, and his......

So, I had a meeting today. One of the topics was the fact that some paperwork, that had a 60 day time limit, hadn't been turned into me, and it was now past 90 days. Suddenly the excuses started flying about how busy everyone is. And then, my boss's boss made a comment to these individuals, "well can't you at least put at least something in there. Half-****d is better then nothing."

Then one of the people commented, if we had these meetings more often, they would remember to give me my paperwork. They asked when the last meeting was. When I told them October 17, they said, see, we told you.

After the meeting, as I'm walking back to my office, my boss actually told me I need to have a meeting every month just so they can't bitch and use me as an excuse.

I suppose I shouldn't let a bunch of stupid fucks bug me. *breath in, breath out*
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