Michael (spudpuppy) wrote,


That four letter word may be hitting KC, tonight. The reports are all saying, we may get our first real accumulation of the season. Possible 3 - 10 inches by noon tomorrow.

I'm not looking forward to driving in snow. Coming in to work and having to dodge all the idiots in their YAV's.

I'm trying to get my portion of a presentation ready for next week. A group of us are headed to Philadelphia, to our corporate headquarters, to plead our case for some new procedures/systems/processes. As is typical in business today, our top management is more lip service then real commitment. But we'll see how it goes.

Either way, I'll have 2 days outside of Philly, with people I don't look forward to spending all my time with. (I won't even be able to get away to play, since we'll all be using one vehicle.) Well, unless I can locate someone on gay.com who wants to come to the hotel. Now that would be an experience. I've never hooked up on gay.com. Well, the truth be known, I've never hooked up with someone online.

It's almost 4:30. I'm counting down the minutes. (I'm really showing burnout at work.) My boss left about 10 minutes ago. But his boss is still in the corner office watching the parking lot.
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