Michael (spudpuppy) wrote,

Another weekend road trip

I didn't have to work this weekend, so it ended up being another tiring, no-rest weekend.

Lynn had mentioned he wanted to go back to Wichita, to see his relatives. (He'd forgotten a couple of Christmas presents, when we went down before. And he wanted get those to them, before summer.) We talked about driving down on Friday evening, after I got work, and driving back Saturday evening.

Well, as the week progressed and we chatted back and forth about the trip, the plans started to shift a bit. So, we left KC at 3:30 Saturday afternoon. We were supposed to meet someone in Salina at 5:00, but since we got a late start, they postponed it until the trip back on Sunday. (We were almost to Topeka, when we found this out, so we headed South from there.)

Stopped by Lynn's Great Aunt and Uncle's to drop off presents. They were a bit surprised when he called them, from their back yard. We stayed for a little bit, and then headed on into Wichita. Called up some friends there and met them for dinner. Stopped at the "Kum & Go" to see if the cute boy was behind the counter again. He was. He didn't remember me, but he did remember Lynn. Oh well, I guess the wink wasn't for me.......

After fillling up with food and gas, we were on the road again. Destination? The Habana Inn in Oklahoma City. Made it in just before 1:00 am. That was enough time to get checked in, and over to the bar for a couple of games of darts and one VERY WEAK drink, each. I've seen some short pours, but this guy was really skimping.

We then ran over to the motel restauraunt for coffee and to sight see. There really wasn't a lot to look at there. But we ended up staying too long, so by the time we made it back to the room, about the only thing left circling was the buzzards.

As the time approached 4:00 and the number of circlers had dwindled to the 4 or 5, we decided it was time to close the curtains and head to bed. Just as we're about to, three cute young twinks wonder by and loudly make some comment about, "yeah, they're still up." Turns out, they're in a room just across the pool from us.

We end up flirting back and forth for about a half hour. They'd flash us, we'd flash back. They were all drunk. They wanted to watch Lynn and I fuck. Finally, I guess the fun of flirting wore off and they invited in one of the buzzards. Now, to be fair, this guy wasn't too bad looking, not great, but........

It's amazing how things change in the cold harsh light of day. We saw the guy, the boys invited in. He was major fat and fugly. I guess the eyes don't work very well at 5:00 am.

So, we got checked out, went to and had breakfast. Then did some shopping in OKC. Headed back towards Wichita, so Lynn could visit his grandfather. Then we had to be in Salina at 5:00.

Shopping took longer than expected, so we didn't leave OKC until almost 3:00. Made a short visit with his grandfather, (which we later found out, pissed him off because we stick around longer.) And headed North to Salina.

Met up with Stephanie, at her new office, around 7:00. She gave us the full tour and we sat and chatted for about an hour. Then we needed to head back to KC.

Got home around midnight and pretty muched crashed. Neither of us got any, this weekend, but it was still fun. We've decided, next time we go to the Habana, we'll have to stay 2 days, so we make sure we're there are prime cruising time.

Oh well, back to work.
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