Michael (spudpuppy) wrote,

Back to work

Ok, yesterday was the first "full" day, back from the vacation. Although, there are some who question my vacation, since I was called on 7 of the days I was off. And ended up coming in for half a day on Friday, 'because they just couldn't wait until Monday'.

But being off for three weeks makes it very difficult to get back into the routine. I sooooo wanted to curl for a nap, yesterday afternoon. And this morning, I'm still not motivated to be here.

I guess I'm headed to Philadelphia, for a couple of days, later this month. Supposed to be having a meeting at our Corporate offices on the 23rd. Don't know yet whether we'll be flying to Philly, or doing the normal BS and flying to Baltimore and driving for 3 hours. (Because it's cheaper. But of course, the people who work in the Corporate office, don't have to drive to Baltimore, before they fly out.)

Oh well, I have 5 computers sitting here, that I need to get configured and installed, so I guess I should start working on them.
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