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I had to go into work for a few hours, yesterday. My boss just couldn't wait until Monday. Oh well, I'm used to it. Nothing has changed in 16 years.

I've been getting emails from a certain website for about a month, now. I finally decided to pay my $4, for a three day trial. They go around seducing boys into the back of a van to have sex on cam, offering to pay them and then ditching them afterwards.

Unfortuantely, all the videos are in streaming Windows Media format. After an extensive serch, last night, I came across a little utility called ASFRecorder, which allows you to download and save streaming video. So I've spent most of last night and tonight, downloading all of their content. Is that bad of me? *shy smile*

It's really bad video, done in a very amateurish style with a camcorder, but some of the boys are cute. And some of the action is pretty hot, even if the guy is a lousy cameraman.

So now I have almost a gig of downloaded cruispatrol videos. Now I need to learn how to edit and paste them together, since they are all downloaded in 4 segments per video. I'd rather have each combined into one video for each. Another project for the future.

Between ripping DVD's and downloading this stuff, I'm really starting to get into video, a lot.

Once I get this all figured out, if anyone wants a CD copy of the CruisePatrol videos, let me know and I'll send it to you. Of course, I may request a video of you enjoying them, in return. *evil grin*

I also have a rant. I purchased a PNY multi-card flash memory reader for my camera. I was getting tired of having to plug the camera in, every time to download pics. I installed it on the new WinXPPro machine, which proceeded to go nuts. Kept flashing all sorts of messages on the screen, bringing up an autorun dialog box and various error messages. It also kept loading and unloading the USB devices. It ended up deleting all of the pics off the card, instead of copying them. I sent PNY a nasty email, I'm wondering what their response will be.
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