Michael (spudpuppy) wrote,

The Right Guy

Yeah Right. Just read Keith's photo journal over at keithcam. He's written several times about having given up on finding Mr. Right and then suddenly, something inspires to start pining again.

I gave up on the fantasy a long time ago. The problem, if I tell anyone that, I am suddenly inundated with everyone's opinion as to why I'm wrong. How I should never give up on finding that one special someone. Well, I have given up. It's too much work, and too much pain to deal with. I no longer subscribe to the fantasy that their is someone for everyone. That there is some preordained individual who has been specifically picked for me.

Just got home from exercising the puppy with the roommate. Walked around on the Plaza, looking at all the fine eye candy. How I wish to be young, hung and ....... A hot summer night, and hotter guys walking around, just makes you want to go humpin.

Oh well, bought it for now.
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