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A night of firsts.....

Got home from St. Louis, a couple of hours ago. It was a very quick jaunt, but a trip of firsts and very rare's.

First, the very rare......we went to The Club last night to see who was happening. Normally, when we've gone, I see all the boys wandering around, but no one is interested in me. So, I sit in the hot tub, or the steam, and just relax. Very rarely, someone will show an interest in me. Well, someone I would be interested in also.

Last night looked like a typical night. We'd been there a couple of hours and hadn't seen much either of us were interested in. Although, I did get groped quite a bit, but their hands were pushed away. We decided to make one last round and call it a night, since we knew we had to get some sleep before driving back today. Then the unthinkable and rare happened.

So we headed off. For those who aren't familiar with The Club - St. Louis, or any club, for that matter, they have some rooms for private activities. They also have some "public" areas. At this one, there is a "corral" in the back corner. I was following Lynn, as we went wandering, looking who had their doors open. As we rounded the back corner, Lynn continued on and I explored the corral. Not much there, but as I exited, there was a cute boy who made eye contact.

I proceeded on to try and find Lynn. I went over to the other set of rooms and as I rounded the corner, there was the cute boy again. Again, we made eye contact and smiled at each other. I still hadn't located Lynn, so I headed back to the other side. Sure enough, there was cute boy again. He was headed for the corral, so I threw caution to the wind and turned around followed him in.

He was leaning up against one of the walls. There were a couple of other guys in there, that I wasn't interested in. I passed them by and went and stood right next to CB. One of those rare occasions where I'm interested and so are they. We immediately reached for each other and started kissing. His towel hit the floor and we were off.

Now, for the firsts. I've never gone down on someone who has a PA. This boy was sporting about a 3/4" ring. Very interesting feeling, having the piece of metal in mouth, along with his very sizable cock. What can I say, he was a small boy, but he was very well hung.

Then he went down on me. We were really getting into it. And there were a couple of guys, who were trying to join in. Reaching in to feel or play. But we weren't really paying much attention to what was around us, well, at least I wasn't. We continued for a few minutes, fondling, groping, kissing and biting. As others tried to grab their piece of the action, when suddenly CB jumps into my arms and throws his legs around my waste.

At this point, I look around and see, WE ARE THE MAIN SHOW! A group of about 15 - 20 guys had crowded into the room and were watching and reaching to touch, fondle and caress. First number two, I've never been in the main show. Admittedly, I was a supporting actor, literally, in this one, since CB was the star. But still, it was a strange feeling.

We went at it for at least another 15 minutes, with him in my arms. He kept rubbing his cock against my chest as we kissed. Others we reaching in to jack him, at the same time. Then I felt lips on my cock from below. Hands groping me and him from all directions. Lynn had also joined the group and made his way to the front and was standing behind the boy. CB leaned back into Lynn while still wrapped around my waste. CB finally came. We kissed and he was off. The group quickly broke up as the show was over.

I ran into CB a couple more times in the hall as we were getting ready to leave. He kept smiling at me as he went by. I've never been around anyone who was rolling, but from the descriptions I've gotten from other LJ'ers, I think this boy was definitely experiencing a drug induced euphoria. Either way, I had a blast, and I'm pretty sure he did too.

Then, today at lunch, we flirted with the server and ..... well, that will have to wait for another entry.
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