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Family gathering

Ok, so my brother's family came into town yesterday. They left tonight. I had to work all day, so went over after work. Well, actually, mom wanted me to come straight from work, but that just wasn't possible.

I did custom holiday cards for all the family, also. They weren't done printing, so I had to go home first to finish that. Lynn helped out by actually composing the cards from my original idea. He did a really good job. He also came up with the idea to use a different background for each one. That way, everyone got a "personalized" card. They were all impressed with his handiwork.

My sister's family went to Orlando for the weekend. They won't be home until noon tomorrow. (Ok, it's after midnight, so that's actually today.) My brother was supposed to stay in town until they got here, so we could all be together for at least a little bit. But my nephew had to go back to work, so they left early.

Lynn has commented several times about how cute my nephew is, and how he'd love to get the boy naked. Ok, I admit it, he is cute. And I had to keep reminding myself tonight, that those thoughts aren't appropriate.

I was quite surprised when they got ready to leave. My brother actually hugged me. We haven't had any type of physical contact, other than a handshake, in years. When he found out about me, he didn't approve. At that time, he told me he didn't want me around his kids, because he was afraid I would influence them. And he just couldn't bare to have a homosexual convert as a child. For several years, he was barely sociable and made the comment a few years back, if Lynn were along, he wouldn't show up.

I guess the fact that all his kids are dating the opposite sex and age has mellowed him some. But the hug was still a surprise.

I finally got the card I'll be sending out, completed tonight. I need to get them printed and in the mail. So, if I'm sending you a holiday card, IT WILL BE LATE getting there. All I can say is sorry. But it is the thought that counts. There a few people I don't have addresses for, so you will either get your card by e-mail, or not at all. Or, if you want to give me your address now, you'll get yours late as well.

Lynn and I are going to Wichita, on Tuesday. We'll be visiting his grandfather on Wednesday morning and then going to his great aunt's for lunch. Then back to KC, Wednesday evening. I have to work on Thursday afternoon.

That's about it, for here. They rest of my time has been filled with the normal BS stuff. Trying to get all the things done I haven't had time to do. But as always, they're still not getting done.

Oh well. time for bed. I have to run in to the day job later today. They have some stuff going on, "that just can't wait until I get back".
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