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Ok, so my vacation started from the day job on Friday afternoon. My boss told me as I was leaving, he would try not to call me until at least Tuesday. Well, he held to his word.

I got the call, this morning. More political bullshit is in the works. I have a conference call I have to attend tomorrow, (actually I guess it's now this afternoon). There is a controversy in the company about how much work ISO 9001 is to implement and maintain. I say it takes work and commitment, someone from one of our other locations says it's a snap to do. Of course, their plant had complete buy in by all involved, where ours followed the typical, "Let's just get by" attitude.

I hate getting in the middle of the fucked up political battles. Everybody ends up losing in the end.

Lynn and I still haven't finished getting the holiday cards made and sent out. He wants to take a few more pics, to get better angles. Unfortunately, my time off hasn't been too productive yet.

I have several things I need to get done while I'm off. I just need to work on organizing my time better.

Geez, I just lost my whole train of thought. Not sure where I was going with this entry. I must still be tired. I have been sleeping in, but I've also been staying up way too late. At least I have the cam on, while I'm updating tonight. The first time it's been on since Friday morning. Part of that is because I'm using the tripod for one of the cameras, in the other room for the photo shoots, and part because I've just been so out of it.

The video work is proceeding. I'm pleased with the ability to rip and convert video. Now I need to learn how to edit and burn. Just another of the many projects for my time off.

The family is having some minor drama over celebrating Christmas. My brother and his family are coming to town on the 22nd, but my sister's family will be in Orlando on vacation. They'll return on the 23rd. My brother was wanting to go home on the 23rd. And with the second job the way it is, I may not be available wither day.

I guess Lynn and I are driving to Wichita on either the 24th or 25th to meet his family. They're all coming into town so they can spend at least one last Christmas with his grandfather. He's doing better since they moved him to the nursing home, but they're still not sure he'll see another year.

For those curios types, this is Lynn. It's one of the pics we took of him, the other night.

He can be very mischievous at times.

Oh well, I guess I'll try and catch up on the friends list and than head to bed.
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