Michael (spudpuppy) wrote,

Test Results

Ok, the test is done. The results, nothing major. It was probably just some fluke irritation.

The prep, last night was the worst part.

This probably falls in the too much information category, so read at your own risk.

Yesterday was lunch at mom's. I had been experiencing one of my migrane-esce sinus headaches. By 3:00, it was to the point of, I leave now or I'm throwing up.

Came home and layed down for a while. Normally, I would take some sinus pills and aspirin to kill the pain, but because of the procedure, this morning, I wasn't allowed any drugs.

Got up around 7:00, and the more I was up, the worse it got. By 8:00, lunch came back, full force. Not the way I wanted to start the prep for today. After my stomach calmed down a bit, I read my instructions for the perp. Ooops, I wasn't supposed to eat anything yesterday, except clear liquids. Well, at least puking got rid of the solid food. *small smile*

So, took the first pill. Supposed to wait 30 minutes and then start drinking the nasty shit they gave me. Supposed to drink one gallon of this stuff, 8 oz at a time, every 10 minutes. The stuff is AWFUL. A mixture of salts, anti freeze and lemon lime flavoring. Since my stomach was already qeeezy, this stuff did not set well. By about the 6th glass, my stomach churned and it came back. Oh joy. After that, I took my time, trying to keep from puking it again.

By midnight, I had drunk about 2/3 of the gallon. Yes, it was doing it's work and I was flushing myself out, but not to the extent they wanted. By 1:00, I said fuck it and used an enima. I didn't care, I couldn't take anymore of that other crap.

I ended up sleeping on the bathroom floor, which isn't very comfortable, just so I was close to the toilet all night.

So, went in this morning for my 10:00 appointment. They gave me valium to relax me. Kept telling me afterwards that I wasn't capable of doing anything like driving or operating mechanical equipment, for at least 24 hours. Yeah, right.

By 2:00 this afternoon, I was drilling a hole in the floor to run a new phone line. Didn't even drill anything I wasn't supposed to. :)

Tonight, I'm in a little pain where they inserted the IV. Which makes typing a little uncomfortable. But I will probably go ahead and go to work tomorrow. Even though I left it open that I might not be in, depending on how I felt.

Tonight I've been working on setting up the modem and answering machine software on the new computer. It took a few tries and required downloading new drivers, but it works now. Yay.

That's about it. Need to find something for dinner and then crash for the night.
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