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Finally played around with the capture card I put in my new computer, last night. Decided I wanted to see how well it would import video. Ok, I've never used a capture card before, so that was a learning experience in itself. Second, the original drivers I downloaded and installed a few months ago, DIDN'T WORK!!!! *grumble* Fought with it for about an hour trying to figure out why I wasn't getting ANY signal to the card.

Tried using the TV tuner, still no signal. So, popped on the Internet to ATI's sight. They had a new set of drivers and software, dated November 14, 2002. Ok, so maybe they've had problems. Downloaded and installed the drivers, rebooted and Wa La, I had a signal. Yay! Then I realized I didn't have sound. Ok, pull out the manual and try and figure out where to plug the video into the sound. Got it.

So I captured a movie, off of DVD onto the hard drive. Don't know how well it did. It was already 12:30 when it finished, so I decided bed was more important. I'll check it later. Next step will be trying the MPEG4/DivX conversion to see if I can really get it all on one CD.

At least I now know I can get the video into the computer. One hurdle jumped.
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