Michael (spudpuppy) wrote,


I don't really hide my sexuality at work, but I don't really flaunt it either. I just don't normally say anything about it. Whether you want to call that straight acting or whatever, it's just my normal state.

So tonight, my boss at the part time job and I were chatting. Nothing in particular. He mentioned that Lynn had stopped by the store. Actually he said, "your friend was here earlier". I told yeah I knew that, I saw him, and that he's actually my roommate. His next question was whether Lynn was my roommate, or my "roommate". I told him we are just roommates. He asked how long we'd been together, I told 4 years.

We chatted some more and he kept asking more and more leading questions, until he finally started talking about his best friend, who is gay, who he lived with for a while before he got married. Then he said something about, "well Lynn is gay, right?" Yes. "And you are too, right?" Yes again.

We then talked about how much he missed his best friend, now that he lives in San Diego. And that he isn't, wasn't and has never been gay. Yeah, ok.

So my boss knows for sure. Hhhhmmm, that almost sounds like one of those old hair product, "Only her hairdresser knows for sure.......".
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