Michael (spudpuppy) wrote,

It looks like I may be making a day trip to Wichita, tomorrow. Lynn's grandfather has now been moved to the 24 hour nursing facility. The lease on his apartment at the retirement home will expire at the end of the month. Lynn is "inheriting" some of the furniture. His mother wants us to come down and get it as soon as possible, because they don't want to have to rent a storage locker.

I have nooooooo idea where we're going to put a couch, chair, bed and whatever other furniture. Or even how we are hauling it back. Lynn does have a pickup, but it's not THAT big.

So, that will be Saturday and then I work on Sunday. That's my big weekend. Woo hoo.

and I'm jealous of all my LJ friends who are having lots and lots of sex.
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