Michael (spudpuppy) wrote,

Ok, so yesterday started out with a minor sinus headache. By noon, it was evident, I was going to need drugs. So I headed over to the drug store to get some sinus pills and aspirin, since I'd depleted my supply at work.

They finally kicked in around 3:00, both in reducing the pain and making me extremely sleepy. It was a major fight to stay awake for the last part of the day. In fact, after I got home and sat down in front of the computer, I ended up falling asleep. Woke up about 30 minutes with my neck hurting.

Lynn was supposed to be driving home, but since he was stopping by his great aunt and uncle's place, I figured it would be late. I also needed to make out the monthly bills. (Have I mentioned how much fun it is, to only get paid on the 15th of the month?) That took until around 8:15.

I had also planned on finishing laundry, vacuuming and going to the grocery store. Well, at least got the bills paid. Lynn called about 8:30 and said he was about 30 minutes from town. Wanted to know if I wanted to meet him at Starbucks for coffee.

I decided I could meet him and still be home in time to get to bed early. I was hoping to be in bed by 10:00.

Well I made it to bed by 10:30. Which is earlier than normal, by an hour or two. And since I had been so tired, I should have slept all night. Of course, I was up several times and tossed and turned. So I'm still not very rested this morning.

Oh well, back to work.
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