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Ok, I was bad last night. I got off work at 7:00 and went for coffee. Did a little running around. When I got home, I talked with lynn for a while. He's back in Wichita again this weekend. They were moving his grandfather to the nursing home on Friday. And they were going to clean out his apartment.

He also talked to his great aunt, earlier in the week. Apparently his great uncle has now been diagnosed with terminal cancer. They don't expect him to last more then a few weeks. So while he's in town, he's planning on stopping by their house, also.

Not much else was happening, after that, so I threw in SW2. I'd planned on only watching a little and going to bed. The movie ended at 2:00. Ok, so I didn't want to stop watching.

But then, did I go to bed? Of course not. I was bad. I ended up sitting in front of the computer and firing up ICUII. Well, they've changed their registration, so it wouldn't work. So I fired up Yahoo Messenger. Yeah, they have them there nekkid video cams too. I ended up doing a show for some "straight but curious" guy in Great Britain. Of course he says he wants me. It's not like I'll show up on his doorstep in 30 minutes.

Got to bed around 3:30 this morning. And then up for a 10 hour day at the store. Just got home about 10:30. Threw in some rice and sauce and had that for dinner. Now it's time for bed. Well, not quite yet, I still have to change out laundry and start the dishwasher.
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