Michael (spudpuppy) wrote,

Ok, I am feeling quite a bit better, although still not 100%. I talked with the specialist, yesterday. They called and left a message, but I didn't call them back. So they waited a couple of hours and called again. The receptionist made some comment about me not calling her back. I told I wasn't sure when I would be able to get free to do this. She asked if wasn't more just my being scared. No!

Well, I guess I shouldn't exactly say that. It's like the conversation I had Sunday night. I was told I should get this done right away and I told them:
"The thought of someone shoving a Sony Handycam up my ass and taking home movies is not my idea of a fun way to spend the afternoon." "Unless of course, he's gorgeous and it includes dinner and a kiss afterwards."

Hmmmm, maybe I should ask for a copy of the video. I could show it at parties. No, maybe not.

So the procedure is now scheduled for Monday morning December 9. That's my sister's birthday. It's her birthday, but I get the present. Oh joy.
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