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The Weekend in Review

You mean there was a weekend? Oh ya, I remember.

Thursday night, I was scheduled to work at the store. I was supposed to be helping with the truck. Well the truck was cancelled, but no one told me until after I was already there. So instead, I spent 3 hours putting price tags on Spiderman DVDs.

On Friday night, when I went into work, I bought one of those Spiderman DVDs. I started watching it last night. Lynn wasn't too interested, because he doesn't really like Toby McGuire. He worked with him on "Ride With the Devil" and said he was an arrogant asshole. He also said, he wasn't very attractive. He was kind of watching with me last night, and when the shirt off scene hit, he did comment that obviously, Toby worked out for this movie. Because his body was MUCH nicer looking.

I had Saturday off. The first full day off in something like a month and a half or two. Ended up sleeping in until about 11:00. Piddled around the house for a while until Lynn got up. We took off for coffee and shopping. Ran by the post office, all those little mundane things.

After we got back, I went over to Mom's to visit for a bit. I hadn't been over there in several weeks.

Back home, neither Lynn or I had eaten, so off to Starbuck's for more coffee and then to Applebee's for dinner.

Yesterday was again, work open to close at the store. I'm a little miffed, the new department supervisor started a few weeks ago. He had asked if there was anything I was dissatisfied with. I told him, I preferred working around 20 hours per week instead of 25-28. He said he would try and do something about it. Came back a week later and said they could reduce my hours for a few weeks, but with Christmas coming up, they would probably go back up. Ok, that's fine. Let's see, three weeks ago was 27 hours, two weeks 24, last week 28 and this week it's 30. So much for reducing my hours. And the Christmas season starts next week.

And we're off to another exciting week.
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