Michael (spudpuppy) wrote,

Must be time for Halloween

Watched this on cable last night. I'd never heard of it before. It wasn't bad. And Matthew Lillard is a cutey. As is JR Bourne. Too bad they both bite it. It reminds me of all the Hellraiser movies. They're both about a device that opens a portal to hell.

It appears we are already headed into the nasty weather part of the year. It's been rainy and cold for the last week. And the next couple of days are supposed to be below freezing. At least the rain is supposed to stop before the temperature drops too low. I'm not ready for snow.

Lynn and I went out for dinner last night. Had Thai Fried Rice with chicken. I think they've changed their recipe again. It seemed to have a lot more carrots and cabbage on top. It tasted ok, just different.

Everything else is about the same. Lynn is still trying to get over the "cold?" he has. It's been lingering for a month now. I'm hoping this last round of meds will finally kick it.
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