Michael (spudpuppy) wrote,

Weekend update

I worked.

Well, that wasn't all, but it felt like it.

Friday night, went to a party for a friend. He has been in San Diego for the last 6 months, trying to find a new job. His lover has been here, trying to sell their house. Well, looks like they finally got a buyer, so he came back to sign all the papers. Another one of their friends decided to throw him a welcome home/them a farewell party.

Bobby was looking very good. He had picked up some weight over the last couple of years, and living in Southern California was apparently good for him. (He said he was over 200 when he left and now he's back in the 140s. He's only about 5'8".) But his lover thinks he looks too gaunt and is now demanding that he move back to KC and they continue to live here, instead of moving to CA. Have to wait and see how that plays out.

The host of the party was a little intoxicated and was being very "friendly" with several of the guests. (At one point in time, he was attempting to unbutton my 501's so he could openly fondle me.)

I also saw the two ex's at the party. The one was on crutches after falling off his teenage son's skate board and breaking his leg. They were walking out the door to leave as I arrived, so I only chatted with them for a couple of minutes.

Saturday, Lynn and I slept in. And then headed over for coffee. I was supposed to be at work at 2:15, but was a little dyslexic and read 2:15 - 10:45 as 2:45 - 10:15. So I was a little late. Nothing has been said yet, but they were over staffed for the mid afternoon, anyway. (We were falling all over each other.)

Talked to mom at lunch. She went to the doctor. He confirmed that she had broken her toes and inflamed her rotator cuff when she fell. He told her, there was nothing he could do for the toes, which she knew. The shoulder could either go through several weeks of therapy or he could give her a cortisone shot. She chose the latter.

After I got off work, Lynn had rented some tapes and needed to take them back. So we headed down to drop them off. Decided to stop and eat dinner at Chubby's. We joked with each other about the fact that most of the patrons looked like they belonged at a place called Chubby's.

This is only the second time I have eaten at this place. It wasn't any better then the last time. Food was bland and greasy.

Sunday was another fun-filled day at the store. Followed by another of our weekly, "sell, sell, sell" meetings.

Got home and changed. Then it was off with Lynn for more coffee and dinner at Applebee's. It felt like old home night. Most of the old wait staff was working and they all stopped by the table to chat. (Our favorite manager stopped by and chatted for about 20 minutes. We were polite and stopped eating while we chatted. He ended up comping out dinner, since he kept us from eating and it got cold. We weren't even complaining about it.)

Now I've been back at the day job. Feeling all draggy all day. Lynn brought me in the work this morning and then ran the car by to have the spark plugs and oil changed. (He has a friend he bowls with, who does the stuff really cheap.) Now I'm just waiting for the end of the day and him to show back up, to go home. Off work tonight, so maybe I'll rest. Yeah, right.
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