Michael (spudpuppy) wrote,

Should I rant?

I was listening to the NEWS this morning, while I was getting ready for work. A couple things just didn't sit well. First was the political add for PROP A in Missouri. Basically, they are wanting to put a $0.55 per pack tax on cigarettes. This is supposed to fund health care in the state.

First of all, I get pissed that one group is forced to bare the burden of everyone. Are all these non-smokers using health care? Then why shouldn't they have to help support it. I also find it illogical. The government spends millions of dollars each year on smoking cessation and prevention campaigns. And if you believe the numbers, the total smoking population is shrinking. So, you build a system that is supported by a dwindling tax base. How does this make sense? And part of the money collected is supposed to go towards these prevention programs.

Now I admit, I am an ex-smoker, but still.......

Then they started reporting about Robert Courtney. If you haven't heard of him, he is a local pharmacist who was arrested for diluting cancer drugs. When they closed down his pharmacy and seized all his assets, it totaled around $10 million. There is currently a class-action suit against him, brought by the victims and families of those who got the diluted drugs. Ok, I can understand wanting to get some sort of revenge back on this person, so I'm really not condemning those people. However, one of the victims, sued on her own. She was awarded $2 BILLION, yes with a B, yesterday.

Now, if he's only worth $10 million, and she gets her settlement first, what are those other poor fucks supposed to do? Well, she did say, she would share a small amount with the other victims. That's just fuckin' greed!

From there, they reported that our illustrious John Ashcroft was in Kansas City, yesterday, dedicating his new child exploitation by computer prevention arm of the FBI. He is sooooo happy that he can keep these sickos from abusing our poor youth. Now, I'm not suggesting that we should turn our back on child molestation. However, I think this society has gone off the deep end with preventing "child abuse" and "child pornography".

I'm surprised my parents haven't been imprisoned for taking naked pictures of me when I was in the bathtub, as an infant. After all, they showed them to all their friends and family.

Another thing to consider, LJ has become a huge community. If you look at the stats, the top of the age curve hits at 17. So, if you have anybody on your friends list, who is under 18 (or 21 depending on where you live), you better not say anything sexual in your journal. Otherwise, John and friends can come and cart you away for corrupting poor Timmy.

However, we can't tell poor Timmy to use a condom when he goes out and screws around, because then we would be condoning him having sex. BULLSHIT!!!!

Ok, I've ranted enough and know this is becoming disjointed. I can tell when my temper starts to rise, that it's time to quit writing.

Other than that, today is supposed to be 80°F for a high, and tomorrow it's supposed to be 60°, with drizzle and high winds. Oh joy!
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