Michael (spudpuppy) wrote,

In a little over an hour, I will be meeting with some of the mid-level corporate managers, to discuss ISO 9001. I have to explain to them what the requirements are and get their input as we go forward.

I wasn't completely sure what I was going to say, anyway. And then this morning, one of the local managers, stopped by my office. He had dinner with them last night. Apparently, they are extremely frightened as what the standard entails. (They really don't have a clue.) He told me to not get them all worked up. To make it sound as soothing as possible. WTF?

This is the same tactic that was used, originally, 8 years ago. We're still fighting mis-information and lack of commitment. Why would I want to proliferate the same attitude, now?

So I'm sitting here, trying to figure out how I'm going to diplomatically tell these people, we can't continue to have a "show and tell" paper system. Something that is just there to show an auditor so we have our certificate on the wall. But isn't what we use for our day to day operation.

The bad thing, since I am now supposed to be the ISO guru for the company, they are going to hold what I say against me. If I tell them, it's a breeze, that's what they'll expect in the future. If I tell them what is really going on, I'm sure many people will be offended.
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