Michael (spudpuppy) wrote,

The Weekend Digest

Friday night, worked the other job. Got home and looked around for something to eat. Finally fixed toasted ravioli. In bed by 1:00.

Saturday morning, the phone rang at 7:00 am. It was work. They had a problem with one of the computer systems not generating the proper report, but giving an error message. I told them I'd be in later. Back to bed until about 10:00.

Got up and messed around the house for a while. Decided I needed to do some running, so showered and got ready to go about 3:00. Went and bought some more blank video tapes. Found out that Sam's Club changed their policies, so when my membership expires, I will have to open a new one. I'm currently on Lynn's membership.

Stopped by and picked up the last couple of components for my new computer, the video and sound cards. Came home and assembled it. Got to bed about 4:30 am.

Got up Sunday morning at 10:30. Went over to Mom's for lunch. I hadn't been over in a couple of weeks. It was my aunt's birthday, so she was there also.

Sunday evening, had a "date" with someone who had seen my website and emailed me some time ago. We met for coffee and a walk around The Plaza.

Came home, started laundry. Ran to the grocery store for food for the week. Back home to finish laundry. Started installing some of the applications on the new computer. In bed by midnight.

I must say, I do like the new computer. It is much faster. :) May do pictures later.
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