Michael (spudpuppy) wrote,

Fun filled holiday weekend?

I worked Friday, at both jobs. And when I got home from the second, ended up helping Lynn work on a computer for the DJ friend. Her DVD-ROM had died and she could read any of her Karaoke CD's. So we fixed that so Lynn could take it back over to her on Saturday.

Saturday, I had to work the second job from 1 to 5. A short shift, but kinda screws up the day. When I got home, I found Lynn working on Rose's other computer. Seems, when he took to one out, she was having problems with the second. The hard drive was in the process of crashing on it.

So we spent Saturday evening, transferring what files we could, off of the dying drive to a new drive. We were then supposed to meet Rose to go bowling at 11:00. When we got down to the bar she was at, she had to decline. They were doing a show and the equipment had failed right before we got there. They had an extra set in the car, but she decided she needed to stay and help out. (It was supposed to be her day off.)

So Lynn and I went bowling alone. Now that he is on a couple of leagues, it has become the normal way of filling the evening. He's trying to teach me the proper way to bowl, since I was never taught before.

Sunday was an open to close day at work, and after I got off, we went and bowled a couple more games and then to dinner at Applebee's. We go there enough, that a lot of the wait staff is now pretty friendly. We actually have a couple of servers and a manager who just come over and sit down at the table and start talking. There is also a really cute bartender, who is very friendly.

I was starting to wonder what was happening with that bartender, last night. He was getting ready to leave, a few minutes after we got there. As he was heading out the door, he waived to say goodbye and then ran over to the table. For a minute, it felt like a twilight zone episode. I thought he and Lynn were going to embrace, right there in the restaurant. Neither of us thought he was family, now we not sure. They both pulled back at the last second, like they both realized, it wasn't the appropriate place to go at it. Hhhmmmm

Today was a lazy day. I spent most of the day, napping. We finally got up and moving around 4:30. this afternoon. Headed over to Starbuck's for coffee, and then to Homo Depot for some lumber. We working on building some shelves to make more room and get things off the floor.

Now it's just about time for bed, and then 4 days of working 7:30a to 11:00p.
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