Michael (spudpuppy) wrote,

Family night at the bowling alley

Went bowling with Lynn after I got off work tonight. Now that he is on a league, he likes to go practice several times a week. And he's trying to teach me the correct way to bowl. I was never taught the proper form, so in learning from scratch, I suck even worse than normal. (Ok, not every type of sucking is a good thing.)

Anyway, apparently, tonight was family. We noticed a group, a couple of lanes away, who were obvious. Three gay bois and two lesbians, So Lynn went over and introduced himself. Not much happened after that. We rolled our games and so did they.

At the end of the night, Lynn and I were the last two in the alley, after all the other bowlers had left. As we walked out the front door, who was there? Yep, the rest the family members. Basically went through introductions again, and then we parted ways. Yeah, I know, really exciting.

Oh well, the full day is catching up with me, so I'm off to bed, before I fall asleep in front of the computer.
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