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My boss loves to talk. Unfortunately, he also loves to tell stories. So, he'll start talking about something, wham, head down a tangent. Oops, detour, another tangent. Then a story to prove a point about another tangent, to the tangent, of the tangent.

Then the question comes, "what was I talking about?" "Where was I going with this?"

Oh shit, I was only nodding my head, pretending to listen, and now I have to tell you what you were talking about? *Scramble to remember*

I go through this set of events, almost daily. It's comical, in a way, but also very sad and frustrating.

So, if I start talking and suddenly veer off in another direction, totally unexpected, please shoot me and put me out of your misery. It will be obvious, these last 5 years of exposure to my boss has worn off on me, and I'm as senile as he is.
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