Michael (spudpuppy) wrote,

The weekend

Ok, it's the weekend. But was it exciting?

Friday night, L* and I went up and bought a computer for my niece to take off to college. That took about an hour, since BB tends to drag their feet while doing stuff. But L* got to look around and see all the sights while we were waiting. Even chatted up a few of the humpy boys who were milling around.

After that we ended up heading over to the bowling alley where we rolled a game. There is a couple of really cute high school boys who work there. No wonder L* is on more then one league. Anyway, while we're bowling, one of them keeps coming over to talk with L* and watch as he rolls the ball.

Now that isn't anything special, we are in a bowling alley. But this kid is paying special attention to L*. And of course, he is paying special attention back. And I get to stare at this kid and drool.

After that, we came home, watched a little TV and crashed.

I had an early morning meeting at the store, yesterday, so I got up at the normal weekday time. I went in for my meeting, then came home and napped until about 1:00. Got up and took the computer over to my sister's place. Ended up spending about three hours there getting it all set up and configured.

By the time I got back home, L* had crashed again. We were supposed to meet the DJ friends at a gig at 9:00. He finally woke back up about 9:30. We finally took off about 10:30. The bar was full of very cute straight boys. And probably a couple who could be swayed, under the right conditions. We both wondered about the cook. He seemed to be pretty infatuated with L*. But he also said he might going to jail next week. :) Not sure if that was a pick up line or not.

Today was lunch at mother's. Of course, it's Sunday, what else would it be. Then to the mall to get me a new earring, since I lost one last week. The mall was full of cute young boys. Either that, or I'm just really horny, since I see cute guys everywhere I look.

Went grocery shopping after that. Tried to find something different for dinner this week. Picked a couple of London Broils and a pork roast. I'm sure legalmoose is just thrilled with the sound of that. Sorry Moose, I like meat. Also got some fresh cucumbers and tomatoes from mom. Probably make some marinated cucumbers, this week.

Now it's time for bed. Another week starts shortly.
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