Michael (spudpuppy) wrote,

Picked up LoTR on DVD, this weekend. Haven't had a chance to put it in and watch, yet. I know, it's not the special edition, that comes out in November, but it was free, so why complain. And I didn't see it in the theater.

The weekend was mostly filled with working. Slept in a little Saturday morning and then worked a 3 - 11. Sunday was an 11 - 7:30. Got home and went shopping for food and stuff with Lynn. Stopped at Applebee's on the way home and had dinner. We eat there so much, most of the staff knows us. So we talked about, flirted with all the straight, cute college boys on the wait staff.

I'm still exhausted today. Of course, that's nothing new. I'm always exhausted. But surprisingly, I have been pretty productive. Was able to get several tasks completed this morning, that I wasn't motivated to do, last week. Now I'm waiting on 4:30. so I can leave here. Then I go into the other job tonight.
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