Michael (spudpuppy) wrote,

I'll cut this up front. It's one of those work related rants.

Some times I get really irritated with my coworkers. I've been working on a project to purchase a new instrument since February. Well, in big companies, there is a lot of bureaucracy you have to deal with.

This was an item that was budgeted for, in last years budget request. It was approved. However, this year, we had then request appropriation of the funds, to actually make the purchase.

So, I got new updated quotes in February. Well this is being purchased with funds from a subsidiary company, so the Operations Manager, for that company decided he had to write the appropriations request. Ok, no problem. I gave him all the information. Then I waited, and waited. By the end of April, he had actually written it. Then it had to be circulated for signatures.

Once all the signatures were collected, an account had to be set up in our accounting system. (We are using SAP. Which I still say is Germany's way of getting back at the world for losing the war.)

Get the number last week. Yes, it's now the end of July. Start to issue the purchase order and find out the vendor information in the system is incorrect. Also, it is not set up as a valid vendor for the subsidiary company. Send a request to our purchasing department to correct the problems. Get an email back, telling me I didn't fill all the information in correctly on their "new" form. And it has to be resubmitted. (They have spots for the vendor name and address and additional spots for the remit to address. It says right on the form, if different than above. Well, it wasn't different, so I left it blank. Nooooooo, you have to put in same as above . Geez people, get your fuckin heads out of your asses.)

So I resubmit. They make a new vendor number. Rather than fixing one of the two already in the system. And they put in the wrong information AGAIN!!! And still didn't set it up for the subsidiary company.

Further emails, sheesh. They get it straightened out. I go to create the PO, and guess what? I'm not authorized for that function.

So I send an email back to the Ops Manager, giving him an update. He says, not to worry, he'll create the PO. But he needs the information. No problem. I send him an email with all of the part numbers, descriptions, prices, delivery times, etc. I got a call a little bit ago from him, asking me, for descriptions, prices, delivery times.

But he's just going to put in a very brief description, because I'm going to call them and give them the real information, right?

Why did I even fucking bother with sending him all the information?

Ok, I'm done ranting.
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