Michael (spudpuppy) wrote,


Ok, I'm sure everyone is just sitting on the edge of there seats, anxiously awaiting the latest roommate update. He's staying in California, so, no roommate, for now. Just as he was leaving to go pick up the trailer to drive back, he got a call from one of the places he applied to. They want him to start Monday morning. So, now he has a job and can stay, at least for a while.

Other news. I mentioned last week about getting a night vision camera to possibly do a sleep cam. Where they got it was night vision is beyond me. Anyway, taking with Bryan at Chaosin austin, he gave me some tips about what he does there. Many of the cam operators use 3COM cameras and they are supposed to have very good low light abilities. So, the 3COM cam has been ordered and is on its way. So, I just might try the sleep cam next week. Don't know yet. I'm still not sure why anyone would want to watch me sleep, but since a few have asked........
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