Michael (spudpuppy) wrote,

the weekend

Got home about 7:00, from the canoe trip. No snake bites, and didn't drown. Well, maybe next time. We'll keep our fingers crossed.

Most everything is unpacked and the second load of laundry is in the wash. Need to head to bed soon, so can get ready to hit another week, head on.

The river had loads of cute boys, but didn't get any of them. Saw a couple of them naked in the shower, but not very well. It's amazing, the really cute ones, are shy and change inside the shower. The ones I wasn't interested in seeing, were exhibitionists, and changed out in the common change room.

We were a little late meeting the group Friday morning. We were supposed to meet for breakfast at 7:30. We showed up about 8:45. But I didn't get to bed until 3:00 and got up at 6:00, Lynn didn't get to bed until 4:45 and got up at 7:30.

So we headed South. Made it to the river about 1:00 and set up camp. The rest of the group immediately started drinking and partying. And then there was the argument about how many rafts versus canoes. Lynn and I had originally wanted a raft, since R* was going too, but since he couldn't make it, we decided to go with a canoe instead. That pissed JD off, cause he was sure he'd lose his deposit. But he finally agreed, and went up to make the final reservations at 4:00.

Lynn, Baby and I were all hot and tired and decided to drive into town. (Since there wasn't anything going on in camp, we were interested in.) Found an Applebee's and stopped to have lunch/dinner. We still hadn't eaten all day. So we had our steaks and cooled off in the a/c for a bit, before heading back to camp.

When we got back, they were all working on dinner. We didn't dare tell them, we'd already stopped for steaks. We ate again, with the group. Everyone turned in early, in prep for the next day.

Up Saturday morning and headed to the river. There was a huge argument about how many rafts versus canoes. JD had made our reservation for a canoe. (He was drunk when he went up Friday afternoon.) He was pissed cause he had to pay extra if we switched to a canoe.

We later found out, there wasn't any problem with us switching, and he got his deposit back.

Down the river we went, two canoes and two rafts. The girls had the other canoe. One is Rose's 16 yo daughter and her best friend. And then Lynn and I in the other. Supposedly, the rafts go much slower then the canoes. It should take about 5 hours to do the river in a raft, and 4 in a canoe.

Well, we didn't want to completely leave the group, so Lynn and I took our time. The one group the raft, though, were really slow. I think they were paddling backwards. We finally got to the half way point at 2:30. They said it was going to be another 2 to 2 1/2 hours to get to our pull out point and we had to be out by 5:30. And we still hadn't seen the other raft group, by 3:30. So the second raft group decided to stay there and wait for them, and Lynn and I took off the regular pull out point. The others would just get picked up at the half way point.

We started paddling hard to make up time. Apparently, to hard, since we made it to the end in about an hour. We even turned around and paddled back up stream to stare and the boys again.

And stare at the boys we did. The river was full of them. All those half naked guys that you just wanted to attack. Even saw another group, who were obviously family. We kept passing each other, back and forth. Flirting with each other. It would have been nice to get together Saturday night to party with them, but we didn't get their information in time. Oh well. They said they were from KC also, so we might run into them here.

Back to camp, slept Saturday night. Got up this morning and showered. Had lunch with Rose and JD and then headed back to KC. No little roadside encounters, this time. Damn the lousy luck! But it was a weekend filled with eye candy.

I told Lynn he should organize a gay canoe trip, with benefits. Why not have a trip, where everyone gets naked and plays after we get back to camp?

Oh well, time for bed.
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