Michael (spudpuppy) wrote,

Take a day off from the computer and it takes me a week to get caught back up. Just got current with everyone on my friend's list. It's only taken a week. Now I'll be away from the computer for 3 days, this weekend. It'll take me a month to get caught back up.

Found out, we're supposed to meet with the others who are driving down together, at 7:30 Friday morning. What are these people, fucking nuts?

Since I'm working late every night this week, I'll have to pack after I get home tomorrow night. That means getting to bed, probably after 1:00. and getting up at 5:00 to meet them at 7:30 for breakfast. Then a 4 hour drive to southern Missouri to the campground.

I'm not quite sure, why they want to go soooooo early.

Lynn's friend is not going with us, so it'll just be the two of us. We'll get a canoe again, instead of a raft. He called him yesterday to confirm, and R* said he completely forgot and made other plans. I wondered if it was the fact I was going also. Originally it was going to be just the two of them. Don't know.........

Of course, I've also been having those dark fantasy thoughts, of maybe getting bit by a rattle snake or drowning on the river this weekend. Finally make everyone happy.

Oh well, almost time to leave the day job. Go home and change clothes. Then head to the other place.
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