Michael (spudpuppy) wrote,

The Week - Condensed Version

Ok, so it's been several days since I updated. It's also been a few days away from the computer.

Let's see, Thursday with the bi-monthly all day meeting again. I really hate those. Most of the time is spent listening to really boring shit. There's maybe an hour's worth of information, but since it's spread out over the day........

Thursday night, I found out the second job DID give me off next weekend. Well at least Friday and Saturday. I won't find out about Sunday, until next Thursday. So, it looks like I will be going on the float trip. But I'm paying for it, by being scheduled Sunday through Thursday, this week.

There are times, when I really can't understand that place, they either schedule me for 25 - 30 hours a week, or only 12. The last three have been lean weeks, with 12 - 16 hours, now this week is 26.

Friday night, I went bowling with Lynn. He's now on a league, so he tries to go practice a couple of times a week. We ended up bowling 7 games. My arm was pretty tired after that.

Saturday was filled with a couple more games of bowling. The bowling alley was having their 50th anniversary, so they had $0.25 games, yesterday. But it was limited to two games. After that, we came home and washed Lynn's truck and my car.

I worked truck last night, and I'm really feeling it this morning. Ok, I admit it. I'm trying to keep up with those young boys. I really shouldn't have lifted those 250 pound, 32" VEGA TV's off the top of the stack, by myself. So I'm very sore. But I'm working today. In fact, I'm leaving in a few minutes, because we have another store meeting this morning. I go in for that, from 8 - 10, and then go back and work my regular shift from 12:00 to close.

Oh well, it's boring, but that's about it. Well, except for the interspersed, obligatory cute boys. Maybe I'll talk about them later.
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