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Eclectic Saturday

Yesterday was filled with some of those mundane jobs. Getting the oil changed in the car. Changing the shower head, in the bathroom, so it didn't feel like you were getting pissed on. Vacuuming the house.

After that, Lynn suggested going for Starbuck's. Of course I agreed sounded like a good idea. As we're headed over, he asked if I wanted lunch also. So we swing into Applebee's. Yes, it's filled with cute guys, as usual. We spend our hour eating and drooling at the sights.

Stop for a couple of latte's on the way home. He came up with a couple more mundane jobs to do, for the afternoon, rerunning the network cables and steam cleaning the carpet in my car. No problem, network should only take a half hour. Steam cleaning shouldn't take long, either. And I'd like to get some sun while I'm doing it.

The network, I've got an NT server domain running at the house. I've also got cable modem service. Well, I used to have all these cables running from room to room, to do the two networks. It was very unsightly. So, a few months ago, I decided to "improve" things, and put a switch in each room, with only 1 wire running to the main switch. And just had all the network traffic running over a single network.

Well, about the same time, Lynn reinstalled Win2K on his main computer. He was having difficulty connecting to the domain and to the internet. Both were intermittent. His Win98 machine would only connect if everything else on the network was shut off. None of this made since, but I decided there was too much traffic on the line and needed to be split out again.

So I bought some more switches, ran a couple more cables and waited for the best to reconnect everything. Seemed like yesterday would be fine.

Redid the wires on mine, worked fine. I could connect to the internet and still access the domain. Next, I moved to Lynn's room. He started shuffling wires. Got everything connected. Fired up his 98 machine. He could access the domain, which he couldn't do before, but couldn't connect to the internet. That seemed strange, I'd worry about that, later.

Started up his 2000 machine. He could connect to the internet, but still couldn't access the domain resources. Well, I've seen this behavior before. It typically means a SID conflict. Very simple to correct, simply remove the offending computer from the domain and readd it. Should only 5 minutes. 3 hours later, I still couldn't get it to readd.

It's crazy, I can ping the other workstations and the server, from that machine, but they can't ping it. And it can't find the domain. I uninstalled the NICs, the protocols, the client, and reinstalled. Now it says it can't find a socket. Fuck me!!!

Lynn knows someone who was supposed to be a "Win2K Guru". He called him up to talk through fixing it. The guy knew even less about it then I did. He told me, "You can't run 2 NICs in the same computer, that's your problem." Well, yes I can, I do it all the time.

So it looks like doing a full install of Win2K to fix the problem. Although, Lynn has said he may go ahead and upgrade to XP, since he's going to be doing a reinstall. We'll see what happens.

So while I was working on getting his computer fixed, he ended up steam cleaning my carpet. He was apologizing for not getting ALL the stains out. Ya, I kill your computer and you clean my car, and you're apologizing?

After that, we headed out to see Rose. She was DJ'ing at a new bar and wanted the support. As they were closing down, we heard one of the guys who used to work at the other bar, was back from basic training. They were throwing him a party at the other bar. So we headed over to see him, before they closed. He appeared to be well past the 6 beer requirement. Too bad there were soooooo many women around, who also want to get in his pants. But it was fun to see him, anyway.

Then it was home and bed. Now today is Mom's for lunch, as usual. Then go buy a couple of things to start the reinstall of Lynn's computer. Sounds like this could be a "fun" day also.
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